Sunday, February 5, 2012

Google AdWords Tool for Effective Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the primary step of any SEO process, and Google AdWords is one of the most popular analysis tools. The simple reason for its authenticity is that Google provides it. And we all know that Google is the search engine giant, having more than 65% share of the global searches. Hence, the trends or the statistics you see through these tools present a clearer picture.

Let us try to understand the basics first. Google collates all the search phrases entered by the user and presents the data accordingly, with different metrics. The tool clearly mentions the competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches along with the local search trends (in the form of a bar chart) against any keywords. You can also use the advance search option to get more filtered and direct results. Anyways, let's stick to the basic keyword tool and the meaning of each parameter.

The competition level is an indicator of the keyword being promoted by businesses in their SEO and PPC campaigns. If you import the same data in the CSV format or Excel format then you can get a fair idea regarding the competition level as it is provided with numeric values. The competition is valued on the scale of 0.00 to 1.00, and the higher the number, the greater the competition.

Global monthly searches, as is evident, is the total number of times the users typed the corresponding keyword(s) in Google's search box, while the local search result shows country specific searches, having the default setting of the US. Search trends need to be analyzed by you after seeing the height of the bars. A constant bar or an increasing bar depicts that it is a good keyword and has the potential of searches in future too.

There is also an option to import the basic keyword information in an Excel and CSV format that contains the numbers of the previous year (month-wise). Based on the information divulged by the Google AdWords keyword tool, a proper SEO or PPC strategy is devised to initiate the online marketing.

Google AdWords tool is extremely important in analyzing the search trends on global as well as local basis. The tool clearly presents diverse metrics like the competition, the total global and local monthly searches and the search trend. This helps the marketing and SEO firms to devise a well-informed strategy.
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