Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some Free Google AdWords Tools

Google AdWords is Google's platform offering to companies who wants to increase their business sales regardless of the size of their company and their customer base. In order to have an excellent presentation of your Google Ad, it is important to know the AdWords tools that you are going to use for these tools are the ones that generate and analyzes your business and your competition.

People who have managed or used AdWords for advertising know the effort behind the AdWords campaign such as making up lists of keywords. This articles intention is to present tools that will assist you in the AdWords campaign and more important is that these tools are free of charge.

Google Website Organizer
A tool provided by Google, it is an easy-to-use tool for testing site content. Its strongest asset is allowing you to carry various tests at the same time for headlines, images, prices, offers and buttons.

AdWords Wrapper
It is a tool that wraps keyword phrases in quotation marks and square brackets and let's you change keyword matching options in order to get better ads.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
This tool eases your work in creating keywords for your advertising campaign but must take note that this keyword tool works best with short keywords for faster searching.

AdWords keyword Juggler Tool
Provided by MaxiVista, AdWords campaign administrators do not have to type in a keyword combination thus saves time while searching.

Google Tool
These are charts showing how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across the world in various languages and its ability to show news related topics about a certain search term.

Ad Preview Tool
It's a tool that previews the way your site will look like, being able to see the contextual placement of your ad (ex. Defined keyword) and get improved location targeting for your ads.

This tool provides related terms or the top 100 Google results for the subjects or search terms you are looking for.

Google Sets
This works similar to the goRank and shows an efficient way in finding lists of related terms.

Treillian Keyword Discovery
This tool enables you to monitor competitors' websites and detect their main traffic sources and have access to an impressive data base and facts.

The Keyword Typo Generator
This tool shows a list of misspelled keywords being typed on the search box. This function is important because you can still achieve accurate search results though you typed a search term incorrectly.
All these tools are extremely useful in running your business using AdWords as it makes your work easier and faster but bear in mind that the correct keyword combination is the key to have a successful Google AdWords campaign for your business.

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